Monday, August 31, 2009

the proms, alton towers and two families fun fun fun

Ollie and i have spent the last two weekends visiting our families together and doing fun thing.
we went to fidalio at that proms which was fantastic. on the way down we droped chris off at home and saw mum and then stayed with dad after the proms. it all went well although as with this sorta weekend it was very rushed which was a shame.
then we went to alton towers this weekend. and i met ollies family or most of them. they where all very nice and i think that it went very well genrally.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

soul survour and hairdressers

we went down to ss last week with a group of young people. who where great it has to be said. it was a very laid back nice week went to some interesting seminars and feel like i have made some progress towards better relationships with the church young people. chris was with us which was also great he just mucked in with the other young people. the worship was as always fantastic there is nothing quite like 10000 people worshiping in a tent.
was really worried about the drive between here and there and back again but needn't have it was fine not saying i wasn't tired but i wasn't anywhere near dangerous which is what i had worried would happen particulary on the way up.
today have been a bit annoying and a bit relaxing this morning the fire alarms where tested so they where going off contently between 9am and 11am and i had to be up for 9 to let the man in the check mine. could have been on a better day but it only took two mins so thats a blessing
then i went and had my hair trimed which was nice i love going to the hair dressers particuly when its a chatty one came out feeling very happy. now i am watching the west wing.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

day one and two of coast to coast

so we started doing the coast to coast yesterday it is not easy lol.
but then its not meant to be. we went from st bees to ennerdale yesterday chris found it very very hard and i found him very very slow but then thats life it was a good day.
we got court in the rain and got very wet. when we did get the our b and b though we found tubbledryer and food so it all terned out for the best.

today we started off really quite well made fairly good time until i triped up in a steram and lost the map ooops we ended up lost for a long time and finaly found a youth hostel and got a taxi then we came home. we are going to take a day off tomorrow then see how we go the next few days.

Monday, July 13, 2009

lalalala Lemon

so what has been going on in the last month.
well if i am being honest failing my masters has depressed me a little and i have been struggling a bit. shorter temper and being shirty being the main outworking of this. but i am working my way through it. there are so many good things in my life that i cannot ignore.
Oliver and I are going on really well although he has been away for three weeks one of which in the US so could not talk to him but thats fine he is back in the UK now and will be back in Cambria next friday.
we did Skelton show last week which went really well i am sure it has done loads to help rise the cafes profile in the community which is always good. and it was wonderfully sunny all day got a little sunburn but there are defiantly worse things in the world lol. although some of the young people may not have thought this since they where more burned than me.
this weekend is the last cafe of the school year i can't believe it i have been in this job for a full school year and i love it so much i am so looking forward to next year and all the new challenges that it has to bring.
but between now and then is the summer holidays with holiday club, chris and i are doing the coast to coast walk, soul surviour and another two weeks holiday at the end which i don't have a plan for yet other than that i am going to please my self during it.
so many wonderful,wonderful things to look forward to can't wait

Monday, June 15, 2009

soooo long

okay its been ages since i updated this lots of things have happened which mainly have been great

I have a love life again with a lovely man called Oliver. we have been dating for about a month which has been wonderful.
I have had Laberanthitest again which was a pain but got very blessed through it by lots of lovely people coming round and making sure i had food and company ect!!!!!
we had the yow service which went really well the young people who where doing the service where real pros. thats the last one for this year.
I also failed my masters course long distance was not my style it looks like.

okay maybe not much of that was great other than the young people and Oliver but they are so fantastic that everything else is fine.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

life is good

life has been a little hetic over the last few weeks but not in a bad way really. although could have done with being less tired to attempt to do my assinments.
but there you go.
the most exciting thing about the last few weeks has been may day we took the cafe down the the penrith carnaval and the young people served food to the public. it was cold wet and quite good fun. i hope the next show we do cafe in will have better weather.
there are lots of ideas for the next time as well.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Been away on camp for a week with the local schools workers and their young people. some of whom are my young people to which is nice.
I took the cafe to it which worked really well as a suppertime activerty I was very. I took loads of games and the wii for the young people to do while they where hanging around in the evening.
I ran baking workshops through the day and then used what we made as the supper food which also worked really well.

the camp itself was great it was wounderful to work with so many gifted youth workers and young people. and it was really really nice to be around people my own age for a while.

did cafe yesterday which was amusing since I was completly out of it soooo tired. i was a completely useless youth worker but the young people understood and so did the volunteers who where fantastic at helping get everything set up.

another amusing thing was that i ended up baby sitting at a friends last min last night the kids where all in bed so it just involved lieing on the couch and watching TV. i haven't babysat for years and years which was what amused me.

today was the easter service being easter sunday that would make sence really. it was a really great service some wounderful symbolisum and great celibration music. Reminds us of how good we have it with God in our lives.

I went out for lunch and am now just hanging around thinking about doing some cleaning.